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Specialist timber frame design

We have over 20 years' experience working closely with the country's leading timber frame manufacturers.
We understand the possibilities and properties of timber frame, which is why when you choose Alcock Lees for your timber frame project you benefit from decades of experience delivering award-winning structural design.

Plus, our engineers are Structural Timber Association (STA) Gold Members and NHBC certified.


The benefits of timber frame

Not only is timber lightweight, durable and strong, but it offers faster construction than masonry builds.


Prefabricated panels can be prepared off-site and away from the impact of poor weather or bricklayer shortages, reducing the time it takes to build a house by 25%. This suits developers as building schedules are less likely to be affected by delays and therefore it’s quicker to get a house to market. 

Timber is also known for its environmental excellence, offering excellent thermal performance and the lowest embodied Co2 of any building material, as well as being the most sustainable form of construction.

Our timber frame experience includes:

  • Residential houses and flats

  • Hotels

  • Schools and hospitals

  • Eco homes

  • Commercial buildings

  • High rise structures with disproportionate collapse designs

  • NHBC HB353B certificates

  • Lifting beams

  • Line and point load assessments

Ready to start?

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