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Iceni House, Lincolnshire

Architecturally ambitious, Iceni House is a prime example of how creative engineering can enable clients to create the home of their dreams. 


The structural design was complex due to the round geometry of the buildings. Curved lintels had to be structurally analysed and stability was a challenge due to the curved timber panels. 

About the project

Designing the structure for a roundhouse comes with inevitable structural challenges, but Iceni House was especially complex as the property comprised of five cylindrical buildings. 

Our engineers incorporated a glulam structure into the design as glulam is particularly well suited to custom curvilinear shapes and sets no limits on the potential for wood construction techniques.  


The stunning home caught the attention of Grand Designs, who spent several days filming on site for an episode applauding the ambitious project. 


The result? A beautiful five-bedroom lakeside property which features an indoor swimming pool, 80m2 games room and bespoke kennels. 


The building is sympathetic to the surrounding Lincolnshire countryside. All bedrooms have panoramic views over open Fenland, and the semi-circular kitchen is designed so the sun tracks the curve of the room giving it all-day light. 


To speak to our experienced design team about an ambitious project that you’d like to bring to fruition, call 01603 764448 or visit our Structural Engineering page.

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